One Lamp Per Child

One Lamp Per Child

Village Energy’s “One Lamp per Child” Program aims to provide 10,000 school going children with high quality, safe solar lighting to extend their reading time by two hours after sunset.

Freedom Light

Freedom Light

The rechargeable, solar powered, LED light that is perfect for reading, studying and lighting a small room.

Customized Solar Solutions

Customized Solar Solutions

Designed to your exact taste. Perfect for powering your house, schools, offices with solar energy.



The Decentralized micro-grid provides more flexible access to solar systems for households in rural areas and informal settlements. The Centralized micro-grid is ideal for landlords in slum areas who live close to the rooms or houses they rent.



We work with households and small businesses in slum communities to move from use of kerosene and illegal electricity connections to clean energy. In partnership with the French Embassy in Kampala.

Musana Systems

Musana Systems

The range of Ugandan made solar battery units designed to provide light and mobile phone charging for rural and urban slum families.

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New Partnerships
Village Energy has partnered with KCB Foundation to improve household livelihoods
Village Energy is now the sole distributor of Freedom Lights in Africe on behalf of Unite-to-Light.
Kenyan Bank promotes solar usage in Uganda
This move will see the beneficiary families reduce their household expenditure...
KCB lights Namuwongo Slum
Most people in Uganda, especially in the rural areas, use tadooba (wicker candle)...

Village Energy pioneers the local assembly of micro-home solar systems and built distribution infrastructure with rural and peri-urban based entrepreneurs at the center. Our approach to renewable energy is to view solar products as the basis upon which previously non-existent services can be delivered in off-grid communities.


Our solar products are designed to be modular, allowing continuous addition of technology to address issues such as access to clean water, safety in health, irrigation and access to information. Our business model brings economic benefits through local assembly and distribution allowing for job and small business creation.

Village energy's vision is Better Energy . Better communities. Every off-grid community to have access to clean, safe and low cost renewable energy which will stimulate social and economic growth.

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The rechargeable, solar powered LED desk lamp perfect for studying and lighting a small room for daily chores for up to 8 hours.

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These are Ugandan made solar battery units designed to provide light and mobile phone charging for rural and urban slum families

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Fact 2

At least 1.4 billion households worldwide lack access to electricity. In Africa alone, 800 million individuals have no electricity.

Fact 1

Low to middle income households in Uganda spend over 300,000 UGX every year just on kerosene.

Fact 3

Kerosene is the cause for premature death of nearly 2 million people worldwide every year. Over 50% of these deaths are of children under 5.

Fact 4

Globally, two billion people light their homes with dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.

Fact 5

Kerosene is also an impediment to people’s development as it doesn't provide adequate light for activities such as studying, crafts making and trading.

Fact 6

Burning fossil fuels, such as kerosene, is a leading contributor to greenhouse gases that cause global warming and climate change.

Fact 7

Nearly 85% of Ugandans, (28 million people out of 33 million), use kerosene for lighting their homes.

Fact 8

Nearly 33 percent of households using kerosene for lighting have reported fire outbreaks that have destroyed property and caused burns on children.

Fact 9

Using one kerosene lamp is equal to smoking 40 cigarettes a day, according to the World Health Organization.

Fact 10

The efficiency of solar panels and related products like LEDs are improving every year, increasing the affordability and effectiveness of solar power.


  • Humanity Fund
  • KCB Foundation
  • Unit to Light
  • SNV
  • UBS
  • VSO
  • French Embacy
  • CocaCola
  • Open capital
  • Acumen Fund

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